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Teaching Terminology

Post by Admin on Sun 6 Oct 2013 - 21:52

Monitoring : is a role of the teacher when students are actively involved in a task .The teacher do this to see / hear how students are coping with a task .Often it involves walking around to listen to students' conversations , but it can also be done sitting down by tuning in and out of conversations .  

Realia :refers to real objects /authentic materials .For examples , a teacher  can bring in a banana and an apple to teach those words .
Eliciting : is a way of motivating and keeping students involved. Instead of telling students something ,you can ask them a question or give them a definition or examples to encourage them to say it instead of you .
Checking instructions: are short  often ( yes/ no  questions ) ; you ask to make sure the students have understood your instructions .
Fingers highlighting:is where you use your fingers as a visual way of highlighting language .For example , syllables in a word or contractions .
Facilitator :when the teacher sets up activities that have been designed to help students practise language ; the teacher makes it easier  for learning to take place .
Open pair : is where two students exchange language across the classroom with the other students listening .
Choral drill : is where the students repeat something at the  same time .

Modeling language : is where you ask individual students to repeat something ; this can help them with the pronunciation of a word .

Teacher reflection : refers to a teacher's ability to analize areas for personal development and investigate ways of self-improvement.
Student central activities : are activities where the students are all actively engaged and the focus is  of the teacher .

Asking concept questions is a useful strategy for checking students' understanding of language.

Formulaic language : are expressions learned as wholes and employed on specific occasion .


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