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learning styles

Post by Admin on Sun 6 Oct 2013 - 20:08

Three Kinds of Learner

Learning styles  :
 Learning styles are the ways in which a learner naturally prefers to take in , process and remember information and skills :
Visual The learner learns best through seeing
auditory The learner learns best through hearing
Kinesthetic The learner learns best through using the body
Group The learner learns best through working with other  
Individual The learner learns best through working alone.
Reflective The learner learns best when given time to consider choices.
Impulsive The learner learns when able to respond immediately .

▀ You can see from these descriptions how learners with different learning styles learn in     different ways and need to be taught in different ways .

It is possible to categories learners in three ways:-

Learners see a language as a series of rules, which they should memorise and be able to verbalise. They enjoy doing grammatical exercises and the security of grammatical rules but sometimes unwilling to participate in speaking activities, especially with other students, as they think they are a waste of time.

Learners like to practice rules until they are automatic, in the same way you learn to ride a bike. Learners may not be interested in learning a set of rules but prefer chunks of speech, which they can practice to perfection and often, enjoy oral drills.

Explorers like to work ‘autonomously’ to do their own thing. They take the rules of a language and try to improve on their own, through practice until they can work independently. They become creative with language and look for opportunities to use language outside the classroom. They enjoy taking risks!

Most students are a mixture of the three types.
Each learning type has advantages for learning languages, and a course we plan needs to have space for each type of learner.
Stages within the lesson itself can encourage each kind of learning activity. Think back to when you learnt a language at school.
Which learning type do you think were most encouraged?
Did you experience any problem because of this?

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