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A Good Teacher of English

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A Good Teacher of English

Post by Admin on Fri 14 Feb 2014 - 4:27

Good Teachers

   Most of  my trainees recall their good teachers as no some way ‘pushing’ them to want to give  of their best, though there is by no means a consensus on the most common or successful methods.


   It is, for example, apparently by no means necessarily true that motivating behaviour on the part of the teacher implies increasing pleasure and enjoyment.  Some trainees recall their good teachers as demanding consistently high standards, asking for research and giving frequent tests. These teachers, however, in spite of their strictness and uncompromising demands, apparently succeed in conveying to their students a faith in their ability to reach the desired and respect for them as learners and individuals.


   Others recall their good teachers as motivating them by gentler and warmer personal support; this kind of teachers give the opportunity to trainees to realise and present projects on different teaching materials, such Listening and Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Grammar, Pronunciation Practice as well as Written Expression. Then, trainees are given the chance to lead their presentation the way they like through reflection, sharing and exchanging ideas. This makes them feel responsible for their learning and prepare them for their future profession.’ I feel she/he cares about us, and enjoys teaching us, so we enjoy learning with her/him and want to do our best,’ said these student-teachers.


   Yet another category was those teachers who motivate students by making the tasks and lectures interesting, and thus, eventually, the subject of study, as a whole. Interest is aroused not just by careful planning of stimulating topics and techniques of class management and courses presentation, but also by the teacher’s own enthusiasm and eagerness: teachers who are excited about their subjects, have interest in their students as persons or who simply love teaching seem to communicate their own motivation to their students…….




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